Voice IP

VozIP – Call Center

Solutions in telecommunications

In SERVIDORPERU we know of the importance that nowadays have the enterprise communications, for that reason try to offer projects in telephony and adapted communications to the real needs of the companies.

We provide the best options and products for networks and communications of voice, data, and video.

Traffic of calls LDI VOIP

Cellular VoIP telephony for long local and international distance and completions.

Ideal for companies that wish to lower their costs of telephony. We migrate its traditional system PBX towards our hosteada solution PBX IP and provided some aggressive scales of discount based on volume of calls through our services of carrier VoIP.

Telephone exchanges IP-PBX

Telephone exchange IP, also well-known as PBX, is a switchboard of gratuitous telephony IP, designed to handle the telephone communications of companies SME.

This telephone system, will provide the same functionalities to them that a sophisticated and expensive telephone exchange, with the great advantage that you only pay by the services that use and that form the system.


Peru Bitel 0.180
Peru Entel 0.180
Clear Peru 0.180
Peru Movistar 0.180
Peru Virgin 0.180

Fixed Peru Lima 0.040
Fixed Peru Province 0.045

Rural Peru Lima 0.800
Rural Peru 0.800