It offers the best plans to you of “Streaming Radio?. Audio the live ones gives the possibility you of emitting music, conferences and interviews, all type of audio through the Internet. It does not matter of where you transmit, nor where they listen to you; it is enough to have a PC connected to the Internet to be able to begin to live the exciting facet on Speaker and everything in Hi-fi, thanks to the new technology that ServidorPeru puts to your service.

Plan nameListenersCost MonthAction
Streaming 3232 simultaneous listenersus$5
Streaming 6464 simultaneous listenersus$10
Streaming 128128 simultaneous listenersus$15
Streaming 256256 simultaneous listenersus$30
Streaming 512512 simultaneous listenersus$60

Now they will be able to listen to you from a Blackberry, Iphone and Smartphone, enjoys the new one was of the Audio one live!
We offer to you but free high performance of lagging and bufering, many companies of FM Radio trust our service of radio streaming.