It sends SMS intelligently massive

It takes advantage of all the potential our technology. It sends hundreds of thousands of SMS to contacts, clients, suppliers.


It allows that their systems send SMS notifications. We advised to him to integrate of the best way his system with our platform. We have ample experience in platforms .NET, PHP, JAVA, etc

Also it can use our system Web for the massive shipment of a form simple and to send the messages of a fast and simple way.

Better price!

The best price of the market. Only s. 0.089 by SMS.  The system works under the charge modality, that is to say, you receive credit by the money that you pay.  The charge does not have expiration date, does not expire. The plan is run out when you find envoy I complete credit of SMS contracted

Become our ally of businesses. It uses our platform to qualify the service of SMS to his clients and obtains gains.

The minimal amount of charge is s. 30


At the moment we have cover with the following operators: Movistar, Clearly, Entel, Bitel

You wish To contract the Service?